Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Love

Well - I'm 31 weeks now.  Only 8 more weeks to go until we meet the little munchkin that has been bouncing around in my belly!

I'm definitely feeling the third trimester now - it's starting to get hard to move around.  The swelling has begun - although so far not as bad as in my first pregnancy.  With Addie, she was pressing on my main artery, and I had pretty severe edema - so swollen that I was unrecognizable.  Of course, the 70 lbs I gained with her didn't help either.  I ended up on bedrest for the last 6 weeks, and I'm happy to say (knock on wood) that this time around - I'm not experiencing a lot of those symptoms.  My blood pressure has been pretty under control, and I have been managing to keep the weight gain down as much as I can.  Don't get me wrong - as of my last dr. appointment - I have already gained 29 lbs - but compared to last time - I feel like a skinny minnie!  I was huge in my last pregnancy - seriously, you wouldn't recognize me!

It's all for this little man though.  On one hand - I cannot wait for him to get here.  I keep imagining what he's going to look like.  Will he be a blondie like his daddy was?  Will he get hubby's curly locks?  Will he have my lips (or lack there of)?  I just can't wait to lay my eyes on him,  kiss his chubby cheeks, and curl my finger inside his little hands.

On the other hand, I think this will be our last little one.  This pregnancy has gone so fast, and I am trying to enjoy every movement, every anticipation, every moment.  I love seeing Addie's face every time she gets to feel her baby brother move.  Yesterday we were standing in line at Chick Fil A in the mall.  Addison put her hands on either side of my belly and kept kissing it over and over again.  We were in the middle of the food court, and even though we were surrounded by people, it was the sweetest, most intimate moment.  One that I will cherish and remember forever.  Something so simple, but it warmed my heart so much. 

We are so full of love for this little boy, and he hasn't even arrived yet.  Only 8 more weeks.  Eight long, but very short weeks.  Our lives will change again forever.  I never in my life could comprehend how much a child can change your heart - filling it with more love than you could ever imagine.  Little boy - you are so loved.  We can't wait to meet you!

Thanks for listening everyone.  I love that I can share this experience with all of you.  Have a wonderful Monday!!


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  1. Jennifer, you look so cute. and I really mean that. Can't wait to see this little man, hang tight it the day will be here very soon...have a great week