Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Fun

Hello - Happy Saturday!  Sorry I have been MIA the last few days.  I had two job interviews this week, one of which is a fantastic opportunity!  I also have two follow up interviews for both jobs coming up next week, so that has been keeping me pretty busy.  Also this week, a good friend of mine asked if I could make some hair bows and flower appliques for her daughters' Easter Outfits.  The dresses were super cute, so I was really excited to do this for her.  I love color matching things - I'm weird, I know!

I paid her a visit on Thursday to bring over some fabric samples to hold up to the dresses.  We decided on a yellow polka dot and a teal fabric, which matched perfectly.  Her girls don't really like to keep headbands on, so I attached all of the flowers to spring clips for their hair.

The shoes she bought them were cute, white eyelet, but she thought they needed a little extra something.  So, I made little flowers and stitched them on - that way, should she want to remove them, it'll just require a little snip.

Here's a look at the whole ensemble:

Super cute - I hope she takes LOTS of pictures!!  Isn't her dining room awesome?  Her house is so well decorated - I should ask if I can feature some of her skills and ideas on my blog!!

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