Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nicole's Allstar Baby Shower

Finally - my sister's baby shower is over and I can post the pictures of everything I have been working on for the last two months!!  It has been so hard keeping this secret from both her and all of you!  In the end - you won't believe this - but after all of the secret keeping, Addison spilled the beans within the last few days before the shower.  For those of you who may not have read my previous posts - my sister and her husband live across the street from my parents.  The days leading up to the shower were filled with secret crafting and cooking sessions, with my mom keeping the front door locked at all times in case my sis popped over.  A few days ago, she decided to stop by while we were working on the favors - to which Addie yelled:  "Just a minute!  We are working on stuff for your shower BUT I'M NOT ALLOWED TO TELL YOU!!!!"  Then, the night before the shower, Addie was watching Tangled over Nicole's house and she randomly leaned over and said "Don't forget - your baby shower is tomorrow - but I'm not supposed to tell you!" LOL.  We tried.

In the planning process, we really wanted to find a theme that fit my sister.  One night, after deciding on a baby bird theme, a thought came to me.  My sister was a cheerleader from the time she was four years old until about 3 years ago when she finally retired her pom poms.  But - it is a part of who she is, and has been coaching Allstar teams for years as well, and continues to do so.  Ever since we found out she was expecting, we have joked that boy or girl - this baby is destined to cheer.  So, with that in mind - I came up with the idea for An "Allstar Cheerleader In Training" themed shower.  It all started with the invitations:

Once those were complete - I made 40 (whew!) - I starting designing the space.  I wanted to have a cupcake table, and really wanted to pull though the bunting idea for the decor.  My goal was to incorporate the cheer theme, but not go over the top and still make it relevant to a baby shower and not a cheerleading competition.  What better way to say baby than with polka dots?  I love them, and they became a staple in the decor.

For this table scape, I covered some foam board (two pieces glued together) with some pink fabric.  Then, with my cricut cut out all of the bunting and letters in a varsity font to create the bunting.  The buckets I found in the dollar spot at Target and painted white stars on the front.  Then, I painted some dowel rods white and made and attached the stars in coordinating paper.  Of course we needed a "B" in the center for baby Brooklyn!

The cupcake toppers that I made alternated between scallops the the "B", "Cheer!" flags and "Shine" flags.

The last thing I made for the table were custom water bottle labels that read, "Nicole's Allstar Baby Shower".  I loved the final touch that these gave to the table.

We decided to place the food on the island in the kitchen.  My mom made all of the food (I helped a little), and it was soooo good!!  We made some extra pom poms to hang over top and also used the coordinating polka dot fabric as a runner.


Last were the favors.  These were all my mom's idea - and came out super cute!  When we were younger and went to cheerleading camp, the team with the most school spirit won the "Spirit Stick".  So, we ordered some test tubes, filled them with pink and yellow M&Ms and tied a tag to them.  I made a sign for the table to thank the guests and remind everyone to take a favor, but the night before I dropped it in the rain.  It was a necessity though, so we dried it out and still used it :)

All in all - the shower was great!  My sister faked surprised pretty well - LOL!  I am so happy and excited for her, and love that little baby girl so much!  I can't wait for her to meet all of the family and friends that are awaiting her arrival!

Me and my sis - Isn't she adorable??

My Sister, Mom, Addie and I

My sis and her husband are HUGE Yankee Fans

Nicole with all of her Goodies!!
I love you Niki and Brooklyn!!


  1. This is Awesome.. And you and your sister are beautiful!!! Wow what a great Shower!! Miss ya hope you are doing well . Hugs Anne

  2. Wow - making me want to have another baby...just for an awesome shower like this!!!

  3. What a sweet thing to do for your sister! You are fantastic!! The party turned out beautifully! I really would love to see a close up of that quilt in the crib! I love quilts. :)
    Thanks again for linking up!!

  4. oh this is adorable. love the pink!


  5. oh that is just DARLING! love all the pretty pinks! would love for you to link this up :)

    Lolly Jane

  6. That is just absolutely adorable! You did such a fantastic job and we are so thrilled that you shared it last weekend with us at Inspiration Friday! :-)

  7. This is so pretty! I love the "pink lemonade" colors!
    (found you via CSI Project)

  8. Elegant baby shower! Planning to throw my sister a baby shower at one of venues in San Francisco. Will be hiring best event planner for it as want to make her day best. Just want to show her my great love for her and her little soon to be born.