Thursday, April 7, 2011

Updated Nursery

Remember the whitewashed plywood floors I helped with in my sister's nursery?  Well...the room has been underway and is almost finished!  All that is left is artwork, curtains and a few accessory items and she's done.  I thought I would post some progress pictures.  The room is coming out so cute - I absolutely LOVE it!  The other night we sat in there for about 30 minutes just chatting and taking it all in. It's so cheerful and I love spending time in there!  Cannot wait until that little munchkin gets here to fill it with even more love!!

Finished floors - beautiful!!
Super cute, right?  I am so so jealous of these floors - I want to put them in my whole house!!  LOL.



  1. I want those floors for my entire home....sigh!
    was it super hard to do? it looks great so far...even without the art work ! xo

  2. WOW it looks so wonderful .. I want to sleep there!