Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bubblegum Fun

You may remember a few weeks ago I featured an adorable bubblegum necklace from One Charming Party in my Friday I'm In Love favorites.  I said I was going to make one for Addie for Valentine's Day, and well - I stuck to my promise!

The instructions required using a metal skewer to poke holes in the bubblegum.  Hubby was hovering over me the entire time saying "I know you - you're going to end up stabbing yourself".  SO TRUE - I am a total klutz!!  So, he discovered a way to make the skewer slide right through the hard gumball.  If you heat up the point of the skewer with a lighter - it goes right in, no slipping or chance of "stabbing yourself".  Just a little tip!

The necklace was super easy to make, and Addison LOVED it! I think these would also be great for party favors as well - may have to do these in July for Addie's birthday party!

Have a great Thursday!  One more day till the weekend!!


1 comment:

  1. Love this project. I'm a Sun School teacher and I too love to craft. I will be making these for the little girls for Valentine's day