Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone - are you all LOVED up??  Addie was so excited this morning - I surprised her with a new Valentine's dress to wear to school, a small box of chocolates (which will tempt me all day), and a cute handmade bubble gum necklace (which I will share later after I have a chance to take some pics). 

In the midst of putting our house back together post carpet installation (which, by the way - I LOVE!!  It looks so flippin' fabulous!), I made some cutie Valentines for Addison to take to school.  After posting all of those awesome ideas last week, I stumbled upon one more that I absolutely fell in love with!  Danyelle over at Dandee made these adorable friendship bracelet Valentine's for her daughter's class a few years ago.

I loved the idea, and while she provides the printable file for the cute little cards, I decided to make my own and put my stamp on it.  (I wanted to take the easy way out and use hers, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to design something).

This is what we ended up with.  Instead of going out to purchase embroidery ribbon for the bracelets, I decided to use some baker's twine that I already had in the house.  The colors were perfect for Valentine's Day, and I figured boys and girls could both wear them.

I told Addison yesterday to keep her Valentine's a secret - WRONG move.  Telling her to keep a secret is basically the same as telling her to announce it from the rooftop.  For instance, the baby's secret name?  She told her bus driver, teacher, kids at school and anyone else who will listen.  Sheesh.  So - of course she told all of the kids about the friendship bracelets before the day came.  Oh well - pick your battles, right?  LOL.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day full of LOVE!!


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  1. Those are fantastic!! What I neat idea. I'm a teacher and I'm totally doing these next year for my class. Happy Valentine's Day :)